Beautiful words make the world a beautiful place.

Sleep Well

never thought i’d cry myself to sleep again, but here we are.


End of You

F1000024once you recognise your worth, everything else will seem undeserving of you


You don’t say it, but my love

I see you let them in your head

More than you should, every single night.

The talks, the insults, the lies.

You don’t say it, but my love

You are afraid of what they might think of you.

When your guard is down

When your fears are laid out.

You don’t say it, but my love

I see you grasping for a way out

In this tunnel of cavity

But, it seems as though it’s too far off.

So, now you’re here,


Drowning in the laughter of the damned.

Endlessly till the end.




Endless You

Pair of hands exploring the canvas of another person

In the midst of a crowded room with a misty scent

You’ll hear them speak the words you’ve never heard of

With their heads up high without a hint of being sober.

Their hips swaying side to side with a companion right beside

While slurring and allowing those words to carelessly leave their lips.

You’ll wonder if any of these make any sense

While having your hands and lips roam all over a nameless face.

Pondering if nights like these will make their way

To the box of memories, you keep within

Or will they vanish entirely right down your throat

Like the burning alcohol that has been suppressing your pain.

Distance In Time

F1000019maybe we’re filled with limitless ego, maybe that’s the only thing tearing us apart

For Them

I told myself to be softer

I told myself to be kinder

I told myself that if the world is such a cold place to live in

I will be the one to make it bearable.

No, not for me, but for you

For the ones, I love

For the ones, I cherish

For the ones, I only wish nothing but contentment.

This is it. This is for you.



Grey Lines

You are a stranger to me

Just like how I am to you.

I was told that we are

Made of dust and dirt

And that we are surrounded

By nothing but the warmth

Of our mothers’ love.

Every time the sky pours

Every time you doubt your worth

She will be right by you

To give you refuge in all forms.

If we ever find our way back to each other–


I’ll pray to the universe

 That it’ll allow me to do the same.

Memories Of

Our temples will touch

And you will crave every fragment of me

My body will be the place

Where you will find freedom and prosperity.

I vow that the way

The sun orbits around the earth

Will remind you of how

We kept looking for a light

Whenever we wanted

To bury the stones of

You and I.


When I sit next to you

I’ll hear a sweet soft melody playing

So soft that you can’t hear it

With your bare ears

So soft that you can’t make up

Where it is coming from

I asked you once

If you could hear it

The melody

The sweet soft melody

The one I hear every time I see you

The one I hear right till the phone call ends

The melody

The sweet soft melody

The one I stopped hearing

When my eyes didn’t see you anymore

The one I stopped looking for

When you said, “I think this isn’t for us”

The sweet soft melody

The one that can only be heard

By someone who is in love.